12.6oz yellow color hand made gceramic tea mugs personalized high quality home use ceramic coffee mugs

Item no: TC0902360/A

Material: A/B Grade ceramic

Package:  48pcs/ctn. Export safe package

Usage:  Water, coffee, milk, tea, etc

Capacity: 360ml

Product Size:T:85mm H:100mm B:58mm

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The personalized ceramic coffee mug Details

Are you a coffee lover?? And your morning starts with the smell of freshly brewed coffee? Your coffee will taste as good as the mug you drink it from. To get the full taste and enjoy your coffee, especially at the first sip, you need a coffee mug which enhances its aroma and makes your coffee taste like Starbucks. The personalized ceramic coffee mug helps you to enlighten your morning with a little caffeine boost.

This ceramic coffee mug features a unique design and makes your coffee smells like freshly ground heaven. The personalized ceramic coffee mug allows your coffee to stay hot for a while and the maximum carrying capacity of a mug enables coffee lovers to quench their thirst every time.

The tumbler shape and blue color with the full print design give a rustic feel to your table. This coffee mug fits perfectly within your hand whether you are enjoying your coffee sip by sip or stopped to take a view on your work. Its subtle convex shape hand allows you to enjoy your coffee in style.

Here is why to love this?

Cleans like a dream—Clean up is easy; the ceramic coffee mug has a wide mouth for washing and cleaning purposes.

Durable and Sturdy—Made up of high-quality ceramic so suitable for hot beverages like coffee, hot chocolate, green tea, etc.

Microwave Oven Safe— It’s annoying to transfer the coffee into another cup just to heat it again. Not a problem with this beauty. This mug is microwave oven safe so you can heat up your coffee without any hesitation

Best coffee mug for every purpose– It can be used to make choco lava mug cake or cupcake. You can even organize your jewelry, makeup, and accessories like brooches, hair clips, cuff links, etc., in this ceramic mug.


What are the specifications of porcelain cup?

Item No.:TC0902360/A
Quality:A/B Grade
Top Dia.:85mm
Advantage:Microwave, Oven, Dishwasher safety
Package:48Pcs/Carton, Egg Bulk Packaging
Delivery time:30-35Working days


12.6oz yellow color hand made gceramic tea mugs personalized high quality home use ceramic coffee mugs

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