5 tips to choose the right tableware for your baby

Do you worry about the safety of the Children tableware? Do you confused that how to select the tableware for your baby?

This article have listed the tips to help you to select the tableware for your baby, based on recommendation by mothers, hope it is useful.

5 most common materials for the tableware

Plastic tableware
plastic tabelware

Plastic tableware is a relatively common category in life, and it has many advantages.

First of all, because plastic bowls, chopsticks and spoons are relatively light, it will not be too hard for babies with weaker energy to eat. Secondly, because plastic products are not easily broken, the safety factor is relatively high. At the same time, plastic products are wear-resistant and washable, which is very attractive for parents.

However, there are many fake and inferior products on the market. When choosing plastic tableware, parents must purchase safe plastic tableware through formal channels.

Stainless steel tableware
stainless steel tableware

Many families would like to use stainless steel tableware for their babies. Because stainless steel tableware, same as plastic tableware, is not fragile, easy to clean, and also relatively safe.

However, the biggest disadvantage of stainless steel tableware is that the products are heavy, and the baby will easily feel tired when using it, which is not conducive to the habit of eating independently.

Ceramic tableware
ceramic tableware

Some families may not prepare a special set of tableware for children, so children will use ceramic tableware just like adults.

In addition to being heavy, ceramic bowls and spoons have the biggest disadvantage that they are easily broken, and the fragments can easily hurt children.

Resin tableware
resin tableware

Food-grade resin material is a perfect tableware, healthy, non-toxic, and lightweight. The most important thing is that the resin tableware is not fragile, resistant to high temperatures, and not prone to odor or deformation.

Wooden tableware
wooden tableware

Wooden tableware is stable in material, environmentally friendly and healthy. It is also lighter than stainless steel tableware and ceramic tableware, and more cost-effective than resin tableware.

However, wooden tableware is prone to mold and bacteria, and need to do thorough disinfection frequently, which is troublesome for daily use and cleaning.

5 tips to choose the right tableware for your baby

1.Choose what baby will like

When choosing tableware for your baby, the color, pattern, and style are all very important factors. Try to choose what your baby will like. On the one hand, it can make the child’s attention more concentrated, and on the other hand, it will also make the baby fall in love with eating by himself and eating independently.

2.Pay attention to tableware quality

Generally speaking, the tableware of well-known big brands has passed national safety inspections. It will be safer to use, and it can ensure that the materials and materials used in the tableware are safe and harmless.

3. Humanized design

The shape of the tableware is best to be round shape or with round edged, which can effectively prevent the baby from being scratched.

tableware with compartment

For the bowl, it would be better to has handrails or grab ears, it can help your baby fix the tableware. For the dinner plate, it would be better to have compartment, to avoid mixing of flavors and also help children to distinguish food.

4.Heat resistance

If the thermal conductivity of the tableware is too strong, or the heat resistance is too poor, it is easy to burn.

5.Easy to carry

The family may have some outdoor activities or family visits, travel, etc., so it is best to prepare a set of cutlery sets that are easy to carry.

The choice of tableware for the baby is not only related to the health of the child, but also affects the cultivation of the child’s independent eating habits